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  1. The Gang's All Here Clear Sticker
  2. Speech and Language Circle Sticker
  3. You Got This IPA Sticker
  4. I Love You IPA Sticker
  5. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Sticker
  6. AAC Does Not Negatively Impact Speech Development Sticker
  7. Are You A Vallecula Sticker
  8. Future Speech Pathologist IPA Sticker
  9. Go Little Rock Star Sticker
  10. Speech Pathology Matte Sticker
  11. Speech and Language Sticker
  12. Doing SLP Girl Sh*t Sticker
  13. Oopsie Daisy Sticker
  14. Well That Escalated Quickly Sticker

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  • "Super cute. Perfect gift for my cf supervisor."

    Jane P.

  • "I love all the Speaking of Samantics merch! I am a well-dressed new SLP thanks to her!!"

    Melissa D.

  • "I love the way the shirts are designed at a fair price!"

    James M.

  • "These stickers are so cute and fit beautifully on my laptop case — looking forward to purchasing more products in the future!"

    Morgan S.

  • "Items fit perfect; are super cute; and I get so many compliments!"