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  1. You Got This IPA Sticker
  2. I Love You IPA Sticker
  3. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Sticker
  4. Future Speech Pathologist IPA Sticker
  5. Go Little Rock Star Sticker
  6. Doing SLP Girl Sh*t Sticker
  7. Oopsie Daisy Sticker
  8. Well That Escalated Quickly Sticker
  9. Speaking of Samantics Gift Card
  10. Literally Freezing Sticker
  11. Crossword Scope of Practice Sticker
  12. Pediatric SLP Sticker

What our customers think...

  • "Super cute. Perfect gift for my cf supervisor."

    Jane P.

  • "I love all the Speaking of Samantics merch! I am a well-dressed new SLP thanks to her!!"

    Melissa D.

  • "I love the way the shirts are designed at a fair price!"

    James M.

  • "These stickers are so cute and fit beautifully on my laptop case — looking forward to purchasing more products in the future!"

    Morgan S.

  • "Items fit perfect; are super cute; and I get so many compliments!"